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Article: From The Singing Little Bird to Liesel Anne Studios [A Name Change]

From The Singing Little Bird to Liesel Anne Studios [A Name Change]

From The Singing Little Bird to Liesel Anne Studios [A Name Change]

I have thought long and hard about the direction and name of my business, and when I started my shop in 2018, I was designing greeting cards and stationery with clipart, making customized stemless wine glasses and even custom pom pom purses. At that time, I opened my shop with the name The Singing Little Bird.


Ever since then, I have been growing and fine tuning my business and trying to find my spot in this world of gifts, art and design. The one thing that always remained the same was that my mission has been to Spread Joy to everyone I touch. The name The Singing Little Bird has been very special to me, as many of you know, as I am a singer and my nickname ever since I was a baby was Little Bird. Combined, I felt like it was the perfect name for my business.


A few years ago, I decided to pick up a paintbrush and learn the art of watercolor and gouache. Now, I feel like I have really found my true style and passion - both painting and designing - adding in lots of new products and even some original collections in to the mix.


I hope to continue growing my business and growing as an artist, and because of that, I felt it was time for a name change. The Singing Little Bird will always be where it all started, but I am excited (and honestly a little nervous) to announce that I will be switching things over from The Singing Little Bird to Liesel Anne Studios. Not only is this shorter and easier to remember (a little less generic when you google it too) but it also allows for the “artist” side of my business to grow - potentially working with galleries with my original collections while still continuing to grow in our relationships with boutiques all over the country and have lots of fun new personalized product options for you all!


I have also felt like my business name was becoming slightly impersonal, whereas it really is me doing all the art and design and my wonderful team of two ladies doing a million and one things as well! So adding my name to the business will hopefully help connect you and new people that find us to the real faces behind our art and products. When you’re supporting small businesses like ours, it is important to remember how big of a difference you are making in our lives and this little adjustment may help serve as a reminder of that too!


All that to say, my mission remains the same: to Spread Joy. Nothing else is changing other than the business name, I still will have all the same offerings (and more) and the same wonderful team working with me. It is just a new chapter that opens a few more doors for my business - so I hope that you continue to follow along with us and share us with your friends! Just don’t be alarmed as you see my website, social media, emails and more be switched to Liesel Anne Studios! It is an exciting time and I am ever so grateful for your support.



~Liesel Anne

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Since I received my first order of blue hydrangea address change cards and stickers, I was hooked! Congratulations, Liesel Ann, on your new name and venture! Love it – Marilyn in NC

Marilyn S

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