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Liesel Anne


Hi there! I’m Liesel Anne, the founder, artist, and designer behind Liesel Anne Studios. Founded in 2018, we are on a mission to spread joy through our whimsically painted gifts, handwritten notes, and positivity!

A Little More About Us


We love bringing smiles to people’s faces and it brings us so much joy to know that we are playing a role in that smile that comes to your face when you see our artwork hanging on your wall each morning, the feeling of a fresh start when you write your daily to do list on a personalized notepad with a fun design, and someone sending a physical hand-written letter or personalized gift in the mail that will brighten that recipient’s day too. It’s a never ending circle of joy! Neat, huh?


It all begins with a dream. Then it becomes an idea. Then a sketch. Then a painting. Then a design. Then a product! Everything in our shop is hand-painted and designed in house. Before these goodies reach you, our team wraps them up so that you receive them in pristine condition. We know how important each relationship truly is, we understand the importance of the little things when hosting the perfect party, and we know how wonderful it feels to give and receive the perfect gift, so no detail is spared.


Like we said before, we are doing this to spread joy - and we are so excited to have you join us in this mission! Each hand-written note, personalized notecard set, and adorable customized notepad that you send or use has the opportunity to make someone’s day. So what are you waiting for? How are you going to spread joy and positivity to the world around you?



Originally based out of Richmond, Virginia, we started small with customized products on Etsy under the shop name "The Singing Little Bird". First it was digital downloads that Liesel designed and then grew to "blinged out" greeting cards that were one-of-a-kind. Little by little, we began adding on more designs and product types.


By 2019, we had grown significantly and were selling custom wine glasses, personalized pom pom purses (pom poms created by Liesel's now-husband), felt ball garlands, wine bottle tags, custom ornaments, personalized mugs, custom canvas bags, glitter banners, stationery sets and digital print downloads.

This is also the year that Liesel & her husband got married! They DIY-ed their entire wedding and can completely relate to all the DIY brides out there. Out of that experience came many wedding related paper goods that are now available on our shop!


Liesel took a leap of faith and started the year off with this business as her full-time job.

The COVID-19 Pandemic began to really affect the United States in March of 2020 and due to the nature of the online business and ability to keep people connected with greeting cards during this time of being at home, orders began to flow in rapidly.

Liesel needed help to keep up with the orders, so by the end of the year, we brought on 6 team members to help with packaging and order fulfillment.

All products were being designed, printed, cut, and packaged out of Liesel's home, so we converted our back family room into Liesel's studio.

This is also the year that we adopted our shop kitty, Dublin (aka Chief Mischief Manager).


The business continued to grow and by the end of the year, we had another 3 employees on board, one helping out in our home printing orders on a daily basis.

We also began selling at in-person markets from time to time!


To start off the year, we did a major re-brand to better match the preppy and bright vibe that is now our signature style. Now everything up on the shop is hand-painted in-house!

We also transitioned from printing in-house to partnering with a wonderful print shop so that we could continue to scale and grow.

Finally, we began working in the wholesale world with shops around the country and are excited to continue to spread joy all over the world through retail stores and amazing customers!

Half-way through the year, Liesel, her husband, their cat and their brand new puppy (Vienna) moved to Lawrence, Kansas (where Liesel is originally from) bringing the business with them.

Because of the move, our team adjusted and we brought on two wonderful moms in the Lawrence area to join our team, making us a three woman operation.

We also got a licensing agreement with the University of Kansas, which was a dream for Liesel, being a 4th Generation Jayhawk alum herself.


This was a big year, as Liesel and her husband had their first child in September - a baby girl named Adeleinn!

Throughout the year we added quite a few new products, including our headbands, reusable cups, and more!

Liesel also released her first original collection full of framed minis, ornaments and decor, called "The Golden Holly" collection - the first of hopefully many to come!


The Singing Little Bird rebranded to Liesel Anne Studios in our 6th year of business. Not only is this a bit more unique and memorable of a name, but it also allows for the “artist” side of our business to grow - working with galleries with Liesel's original collections while still continuing to grow in our relationships with boutiques all over the country and have lots of fun new personalized product options for you all! 


Our mission has and will always remain the same: to Spread Joy.

We are so excited for you to join us in this mission and hope you are inspired to spread some joy to those around you and appreciate the little joys in your daily life.

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